Ordering Help


Step One

The first step of the process begins with you! Customize any of our packages or rentals to perfectly match your requirements. Explore our rental page to discover our complete inventory. If something catches your eye, simply hit the plus button to begin adding items to your truck, so that we can generate a custom quote for you.

Step Two

After you’ve submitted your list, that’s when we take charge. It becomes our responsibility to delve deeper into your event details, confirming the availability and suitability of the inventory you’ve chosen. Remember, we’re here exclusively for you, committed to partnering with you every step of the journey to guarantee an AMAZING event!

Step Three

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here! But here’s the great news: we’ve been diligently preparing everything well in advance! Our inventory is cleaned, checked for functionality, and set aside, eagerly awaiting your event. Our delivery team’s main focus is timely delivery, swiftly followed by our setup crew, committed to arranging everything exactly to your liking! Once it’s all in place, our event manager will double-check every detail with you to ensure perfection. Enjoy your AMAZING event!